David Pedersen

Godthaabsvej 166, Frederiksberg 2000, Denmark


I have been making websites for many years

Selected projects

2013 - present

Shinson Learning: A web app designed to help you study Shinson Hapkido (korean martial I practice). Made with Rails. Find the source here.

2014 - present

Ten Moves: An iOS app for serious card flourishes. Written in Objective-C and backed by an API made with Rails.

Fall 2014

Chat bot: At HTML24 we use Slack for internal communication and I've made a bot that listens in our chat rooms and respond to commands. It also watches social networks and notifies us when someone uses the #html24 hash tag. Written in NodeJS with a heavy focus on SOLID. The code is currently closed source.

2013 - present

Dotfiles: The best set of dotfiles (configuration files) that has ever existed. Should I say so myself. Focuses on making Vim and Unix your IDE.

2013 - now

Lonely Proton: My blog where I write about things that interest me. Mostly programming related.

Late 2013 - now

vim-spectacular: A Vim plugin for running tests written in any language in a spectacular way. There are many vim plugins for running tests but none that were language agnostic, so I wrote my own!

2013 - 2014

SMLSpec: Ruby gem for running tests written in Standard ML.

Early 2013

Client side form validation: Test driven client side form validation library made using Coffeescript and jQuery. All business logic extracted out into a well tested library of classes and then used by a simple jQuery plugin that would respond to events and manipulate the DOM. Hook me up if you wanna see the code. Used on 3F.dk.

Mid 2013

Ecolabel.dk: Written entire frontend for Ecolabel.dk. Uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (with jQuery). Developed using frontend framework Foundation.

You can find more of my work on my GitHub profile.

Technical Skills

The open webstack of technologies:

Other programming languages:


Apps and tools:

Work Experience

2014 - right now

Web developer at HTML24

2012 - 2014

Front end developer at Cabana A/S. Working with the development of small to large frontend code bases using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



2010 - 2012

AP in multimedia design and communication at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

2013 - right now

Computer science at Copenhagen University. Bachelor expected to be finished in 2016 and masters in 2018.


I've been maintaining a blog where I write about programming and things that I find interesting in general.